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Wrapped chicken and salad
Welcome snacks
Welcome meze platter
Typical lunch
Snack plate
Snack plate and dips
Snack plate and nibbles
Smoked salon on toast
Pear salad and pasta
Pear salad and meat selection
Pasta and salad
Pancake stack
Pasta and pear salad
Pancake stack with fresh fruits
Pancake stack and blueberries
Morning pankakes and blueberries
Morning pancakes
Morning pancakes and honey
Morning fruit platter
Morning fritters
Morning eggs
Lunch time
Med style lunch
Chicken and pear
Lunch assortment
Fresh salad
Fruit p[late
Cous cous salad
Caprese salad
Chicken and pear salad
Cheese plate for the hungry
Chicken and cous cous salad
Breakfast with figs and strawberries
Banana split
Arrival platter
Avacado, tomato on toast
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